Animation- Newest trend in UI

Animation has become an integral part of user interface design experience across various applications. It is not just about visual appearance; users demand an enjoyable experience when they use a particular application. Applications now have become more playful and funky. Developers have moved away from the traditional concept of developing apps that perform only a certain set of functions; apps now have their own unique personality. New software updates available on smartphones and websites allow the applications to be more interactive and vibrant. The newest update on Android is vibrant with more neon shades and bolder texts. Animating transitions enhances user experience. Using smartphones becomes more enjoyable for users.

Certain websites and applications outperform others. The level of interactivity and innovative design features make a fundamental difference. People are instinctively drawn to colourful designs and movement. Successful applications are more user friendly and help the user navigate efficiently. Movement encouraged is inspired from the real world scenario. One such scenario is the evolution of ebook readers. Although, ebooks may not provide the same experience as hard bound books; however, ebooks have revolutionized reading experience with easier navigation and scrolling animation.

The monotonous designs initially used only required the user and technology to work on a command and execution basis. However, now technology has evolved further to support the user by giving the user multiple options to perform various tasks simultaneously.  Initially, the primary motive of user experience was to provide accessibility and aesthetics were not a major element. But just the way we have evolved to drawing paintings inside caves to creating masterpieces like Mona Lisa; user experience has also elevated to using various color combinations and layouts as a work of art, and making us fall in love with those applications.


One such application would be the dynamic, user friendly chat solution provider: Haptik. This app is like a Personal Assistant to its user. The best part about this unique solution provider is- it’s available for free! The user has to just ask for solutions and it will be resolved by the Haptik solution providers. Could life get any simpler! A chat application with over 35 Million users. Over 10 million messages shared per month. Instant messaging being the latest trend, the newest application to have joined the competition is Hike Messenger. Sms-ing with vibrant features and it is not heavy on the devices. Socializing has just got better.

Why are we attracted to such kind of user experience? It is simple. Just like cell phones have moved on to using touch interface from the conventional keypad cell phones, we as human beings love things to be simple and convenient. Developer have tapped into this need of the target audience and are constantly innovating ways to make life easier for us. And today its animations, tomorrow it could be something else altogether. But one thing that will be constant is change.


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